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Battle for Tamil Nadu

Battle for Tamil Nadu is hotting up. DMK looked unbeatable not long back, now looks completely down and out. 2G SCAM is the latest nail in the coffin that is proving to be a big poll issue. DMK which once routed out Jayalalitha in 1996 on corruption plank is now facing a major beating on this front. It is openly acknowledged that 2G SCAM has fattened the pockets of DMK’s first family like never before.
Various smaller regional parties of the state – PMK, DMDK, MDMK, VCK are all lining up with either DMK or AIADMK.
Probably the final picture of the alliance will be clear in March.

Surprisingly DMK, esp. it’s leader, CM – Kalaingar Karunanidhi has not spoken much in the recent past while the opposition parties are shouting out loud on various issues ranging from 2G SCAM, price rise, petrol price hike,…

Government is silently trying to roll-out it’s freebies at a faster pace – free TVs, gas connections are being distributed or have been recently distributed in most parts of the state. DMK functionaries are actively involved in the distribution (in fact more than the officials) and in most places have the final say on who gets the freebies.

High-profile visits from Congress leaders have not started, but Congress is expected to do it’s part in budgets – Railway budget may see additional money being sanctioned for guage conversion works in Tamil Nadu and possibily more trains.
– Union budget may see soaps for industries out of Tamil Nadu – textile, leather, automobile.

Weeks ahead will be interesting watch.

1 comment to Battle for Tamil Nadu

  • A.S.Saravanakarthik

    If you take agriculture sector.
    1.Free electricity to formers
    2.Formers loan canceled.
    3.Subsidiary for new agriculture activities.
    2.108 Ambulance service
    3.Free medical claim plan(Kalainyar kapittu thittam)
    4.Good road facilities and Fly overs and other infrastructure
    5.1 Rupee rice for poor peoples and free home
    6.And moreover countless achievement D.M.K Govt done.