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AIADMK Alliance Seat Sharing 1

Pudhiya Tamizhagam party of K.Krishnaswamy has been given 2 Seats.
Indhiya Kudiarasu Katchi (Republican Party of India) has been given 1 seat to contest.

9 comments to AIADMK Alliance Seat Sharing 1

  • Babu

    AIADMK must win in this election. Enough of DMK… People have completely lost confidence with DMK. Karunanidhi is not ruling TN. His family is ruling by fooling the people. PEOPLE !!!! Please wake up…. Give your best judgement by now…As said, No one can save TN if DMK comes again…

  • A.S.Saravanakarthik

    If you take agriculture sector.
    1.Free electricity to formers
    2.Formers loan canceled.
    3.Subsidiary for new agriculture activities.
    2.108 Ambulance service
    3.Free medical claim plan(Kalainyar kapittu thittam)
    4.Good road facilities and Fly overs and other infrastructure
    5.1 Rupee rice for poor peoples and free home
    6.And moreover countless achievement D.M.K Govt done.

  • M.Gokularam

    Yes Saravana Karthik I agreed ur Opinion & and i would like to reply for your quotes

    1st : Free Electricity :-
    There is no power supply in rural area, then what is the use of FREE ELECTRICITY

    2nd : Formers Loan Canceled :-
    Loan was not canceled, the intrest and levies are canceled (Not for all only for DMK supporters)

    3rd : Sybsidiary Aids for Agri Projects :-
    It was not their plan, Supriem Court Orderd the Central Govt to impliment Agri in the nation.

    4th : Sipcot :-
    Nothing Use of it, because no proper power supply, more over sipcot’s are located at Agri lands… do you think it is good to our nation

    5th : 108 Ambulance Service :-
    It was not deployed by TN State Govt… it is a central govt project

    6th : Free medical claim plan :-
    It is a Useless Plan… definitely they may some malpractice in this project… cause they were not implement this project through our LIC… they did with some overseas corporate…. they are spending 2000 corers per annum for this project… instead of this project they can build a Medical University by each and every District…

    7th : Good Road and Flyovers :-
    Can you show a piece of Good road any were in chennai ? most flyovers are deployed in and arround chennai only… is the chennai is only important place in Tamilnadu ? and what is the use of Fly overs they may confusing the peoples who entering in to chennai….

    8th : 1 Rupee Rice :-
    It was a mega comedy… What ever the rice price is only 1rupee but the others were equal to the fare of PISTA, BADAM & CASHEWNUT…. is this the best project for poor people…?

    9th : Countless Achievement :-
    Last but not least, I agreed this point…. the achievement like… 2G Spectrum, Land Scam, Housing Board Scam, World Tamil Conference… like this plenty and plenty…..

    Note : i am not in a intention to post this article…. because of your thoughts i did this…. dont bluff like this…..

    Good Luck to Tamilnadu People…. Think better and Vote Properly…. (dont vote for money) Jai Hind…

    • Ananth

      Hi Gokul

      I pray to God , that all people in TamilNadu should be aware of this . We have done a mistake in 2006 , for God’s sake lets not repeat the same again

      maximum parts of TN is already in hands of Stalin (Chennai) , Alagiri (madurai) One more son (upcoming in coimbatore)

  • ramaswamy virugambakkam

    Yes i agree with u mr ananth recent drama of resignation
    from DMK shows not for seat sharing they want to close of CBI enquiry
    and moreover to enjoy another six years by looting the state
    anyhow god will make sure they will definitely loose the

  • suresh

    hello every one please think one thing the government should running only by our taxes or your fathers earning tax so please dont vote to the family parties our country dont want the another 2 lakh crore so think and vote for any body exept the family party {dmk}

  • M. Senthil Kumar

    Hi, we need to use our sixth sense while voting, DMK prooved again for their nonsense, by saying that they are going to resignation in central. The DMK family is dominating all the fields which are more money lending E.g.(Cinema, TV media, network cable, govt contracts etc). There is no one can survie in any of these fields. Probably, as soon as possible, they will be the candidates of 234 legislative assembly members. The years are countable.

    So, please wake up, and vote for the appropriate person, like J. Jayalalitha, and/or vijayakanth for a change.

  • K.Shanmuga sundara raj

    Y everybody thinking Karuna and Jeya. Is there is no alternative ? You people participate the movements conducted by other parties like CPI, CPM.There are good leaders that they think abovt people and never practised corruption 8in their public life.Not to think abovt Nation, only at the time of election.Now u can understand the stand taken by the Congress and BJP in the nuclear deal through wiki leaks.Only the left parties, particularly the CPI,CPM led tghe fight against the said deal inside and outside the Parliament.This is one example.

  • pugazhendhi

    Basic commodities going high
    failure of waste management and plastics are dumping in soil
    Global and climate will high
    failure of power protection
    failure to control pollution
    failure to joining rivers
    drinking water problem in all cities
    simply they are wasting taxes in free schemes and their party luxury life ( sumo,land etc.,)
    all industrial waste are mixing in river
    taking sand from river and supplying other states
    vaigai,palar,thenponaiyar are dry condtion
    Consider these problem please to vote write person