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Freebies – Bribes in Disguise

It is said that promise of a host of freebies (prominent being the Free Colour TV) won DMK the last assembly elections in 2006. Now all are waiting for the next round of freebies to be announced by the parties as part of their election campaign.

DMK has doled out a lot of freebies – free colour tv, gas stove, 2acres of land, free housing for poor in the last 5 years, some announced by AIADMK in it’s earlier regime (like the free gas stove). It will be interesting to see what the brain of Thiru.Karunanidhi comes up with this time.

Freebies are bribes. They corrupt the voters and ironically voters also seem to like it.

From cash & small utensils that parties gave out of their funds in the past, now parties are using public funds to intice voters to vote for them. Any freebie that a party declares is to be given from public funds and not from the private fund of the party. Ironically voters seem to ignore this fact.  The money spent on free colour TV could have been utilised for building & maintaining schools & hospitals.

How to differentiate genuine welfare scheme and a Freebie?
A scheme that helps/aids people to progress  by providing support in their activities like subsidised loan for installing power-saving equipments, free technical/scientific help for industries/farmers are welfare scheme.
A Freebie is a loot of public funds which in a way benefits few and in the long run is detrimental to the society like Free TV, loan waiver even for habitual defaulter, free housing for people on public land. On one side it eats into the state’s finances which could have been better utilised for welfare and on the other side it creates a society that will always look for such freebies and whose productivity & will to work/earn a living will decrease.

What do you think?

2 comments to Freebies – Bribes in Disguise

  • Raja M

    YES. Certainly, freebies are bribes in disguise. EC should be bold enough to ban such unscrupulous inducements of the electorate.
    Promising schemes for development, industrialization,promotion of education, Child welfare, women empowerment, Subsidies for modernization of Agriculture, creation of Infrastructure like roads, bridges etc are OK.

    Open promise of gifting materials (Cellphone, Mopeds,I Pods,Mixie,Grinder, etc)using public money, for voters, disgust ardent supporters of democracy.

  • Subbarao

    Yes. Certainly, freebies are bribes in disguise. Society should condemn such inducements. Aslo, parties should spell out how much of these schemes will cost and how they are going to fund? If they are going to impose the taxes, then they should spell out the taxes they are going to impose or enhance the existing taxes.