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AIADMK Alliance – DMDK

DMDK will be contesting in 41 seats as part of the AIADMK alliance.

The final picture of the AIADMK alliance should be out shortly given that DMK alliance has been finalised.

4 comments to AIADMK Alliance – DMDK

  • pradra

    Jayalalitha has the ability to take T.N one step forward and make T.N as one of the most developed states in India in all perspectives. I like her strong decision making and straight forward behavior. she has brought some of the very good schemes which can make revenews to the govt and not to the political rowdy individuals by undertaking the breweries and sand allotments, these funds can be used by the govt for the education and the health sectors. Eventhough when she faced so many calamaties like tsunami, flood etc she has the ability to manage the crisis in a good way. This is my own personal view about her previous reign during (2002-2006).

    Only one scheme which i liked in karanunidhi reign is 1KG rice for 1Rupee. But already rice is 3 rupee only, but still it is the good scheme bcoz it fulfills to Bharathy dreams ” Thani oru manithanuku unavillayai enil, jagathinai azhithiduvoom”. If atleast one people in T.N got benifited by this scheme then it is really a amazing scheme and the whole india should follow this scheme.

    DMK govt two face against Poor tamil in sri-lanka is not acceptable. I am not taking about any LTTE or any particular leader but they would have acted better in saving poor tamil people who suffered a lot.

    I always felt that bus fare in T.N is cheap but now in karuna’s reign it went very high and a normal man cannot afford it.The good tactics is ,govt has not incresed the bus fare directly but increased the frequency of Blue board and green board and by eliminated or reduced the white board .

    This is just a common man opinion in Tamil nadu, and i did not belong to any political party

  • balaji

    I think u belongs to AIADMK

    • admin

      Definitely NOT Sir. Probably it just looks like it given the no. of pro-AIADMK comments received. We have NOT banned any pro-DMK comments. In fact we are trying to get more information on performance of Govts run by both the parties. Hopefully we should be able to collate the information and publish it.

  • The schemes and plans introduced in these five year was good but beyond this the people bbelow poverty line cannot able acquire it fully due to the bad influence of their party members. The 1 thing i mention is Mr. karunanithi government has failed to control the activities of rowdy and coolies.. Even some of their party members involved in such activites this is one of the setbeack to them at this election. The recruitment given by them was really good and a appreciate them as well..But one this is Y cant they provide scheme which will reach cent percent to the poor people.. At every level there is corruption why cant they able to wash away….Even during the period of AIADMK there is corruption illegal business activities…….
    And 1 of suggestion is Y cant we give a chance 2 the third person..because we know very well about both of these governments… even if they involve in corruption and influences definitely it will help other people who had received any from these governments… so let us see wat will happen..I am not a member of any political parties