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Get your Voter ID Card

If you have not received your Voter ID Card yet, Election Commission gives you the last opportunity before the upcoming elections to get them. Election Commission is conducting a Special Campaign for issue of pending Voter ID Cards on 12th & 13th March (Saturday & Sunday).
Approach your respective VAO Office (in rural areas) or Zonal Offices (of Corporations & Municipalities) or Divisional Offices (in Chennai) on the above 2 days and get your Voter ID Card.

Voters can also get their Voter ID Card from the EPIC Centre on working days.

Check the EC press release here (in English) or here (in Tamil) (PDF files)

NOTE: This website is an effort of individuals to create awareness about elections and related issues. We are NOT a Govt. Organisation or Department. So we will not be able to help you out getting voter ID card or getting enlisted in voter list. So kindly refrain from asking personal questions on these issues.

35 comments to Get your Voter ID Card

  • K.Narasimhan

    I am K.Narasimhan residing at puzuthivakkam. I am 54 years old. Several times i have submitted a form for enroll my name. so for i have not casted my vote in my life time. I do not have ID card.Can i get one chance to cast my vote in my life time? Give me the solution please.

  • knparthasrathy

    5579438 part 27 kp ranganayaki.please help me

  • Umapathi

    my name is umapathi from coimbatore.
    i applied so many times to get my voter id card still no response from respective officers when ever i am approaching them they giving casual answer like date is over and you are not suppose to submit this form like this so many reasons., my age is 23 i am missed 5 years to grant my vote.,

  • Sangeetha

    I have applied for Voter ID card during the special campaign held on Feb 19 and 20. Any one advice me, when the ID card will be distributed? Thanks.

  • R.K.Venkatesan

    already i have submitted Form no.6 submitted in regional office of Salem corporation. but not received voter ID please immediately inform to me


    sir my name is SP.DINESH my age is 22 still today i did not vote or applied for voter ID in any election… This election i realized putting vote is our duty and applied for voter ID and i did not get it.. I am busy in my work so i did not get time to collect my vote ID in special camp….Right NOW any other chance is there to collect my vote ID…. please inform me sir

    • admin

      contact your local electoral officer of your area (should be in the zonal office or the taluk office)

      • DEEPA

        im deepa from teynampet, chennai, i have applied voter id card, but have not collected…from where i can collect..it…


    sir i applied new voter Id card on 02/03 march , till date not getting New voter Id . How electioed my vote on this year 2011 . Tn assmebly . My Home Town : Tuticorin .

  • kmmurugavel

    My name is murugavel 34 year old. My wife name is Shanthi 28 years old. we applied voter id in March 4 2011. still date wr are not received voters id, then not shown voters list. pls arrange my voting rights

  • vasunthara devi

    I’ve applied address change in my voters id in the year 2009. My name has appeared in the final voters’ list in 2010 with new card details.I’m from saidapet constituency.When i checked the zonal office in saidapet, i was told the card will be delivered at my doorstep. But i’m yet to receive the card.As the elections are nearing, Please advise me to get the ID card as soon as possible.Even when you organise the special camp for issuing the cards, i went there and checked. But no use. My new card number is DBL2795839

    • admin

      NOTE: we are not the Election Commission or a Govt. Dept. we are just a group of individuals trying to provide information.
      Election Commission is distributing Voter Slips. Most probably it should be completed by this weekend.

  • s sanjay kumar

    sir, the whole process of voter id is full of confusions and there is no proper guidance available as i had swifted from chennai to coimbatore whereas i have changed my ration card,passport and gas connections etc, but except voter’s id No proper response.my strong feelings is election office is talking of rules and regulations of candidates but not worried about there basic duties,infrastructure & manpower.Clear the basics first than it is better to talk of other things.

  • T V Gururajan

    I have recieved wrong voters slip for me and my wife with photos of somebody else. Subsequently we applied 3 times for getting proper ID but there is no response. Is it not rediculous on the part of the staff concerned to ignore such a vital gender info and photo before the booth slip is issued. We are unable to vote this time and credit goes to Election Commission.

  • S.Loganathan

    My name is S. Loganathan 34 year old. we applied voter id in February 2011. still date wr are not received voters id, then not shown voters list. pls arrange my voting rights


  • davidson

    I’m a 20 year old student and i’m ashamed that i did not apply for voter id till now. I’ve missed this election also. I’ve to apply for voter id and need to get voter id as soon as possible. What shall i do now? Need your info pls….

  • H.Premkumar

    Dear Sir,

    My Voter Identity Number Is AAQ0085993

    Using this number can i get print of my identity card from Website.

    What is the procedure to get duplicate copy of voter Identity card

  • Nirmal Renu

    i have applied for id card but still didnot get it

  • Harshini

    I have applied for Voter ID.As an usual case faced by the majority population in India, same way even I did not receive my Voter ID yet.Its been two years. For the first time I voted this year with the help of the Voter’s slip. It shows my Voter Id number.then what the hell problem with the officers to provide my Voter ID? Why do they ask me to fill form again and asking me to pay Rs.25 for an application?

  • Rajakumar

    I had applied voter id in feb 2011 ,my name was in voters list and voted through election commission’s booth slip ,but till now i can not get my voter id .how can i get immediately sir…let me know ,what is the way to collect my voter id ? it is the essential id proof to apply passport ,so it will really helpful to me …thank you

  • Ganesh Kumar A G


    I have not received my Voters ID CARD. But i located my voters enroll from the Voters list and with that print, i have voted for the election also

    now, my query is how and where do i go and collect my voters id card

    i stay at west mambalam, chennai – 33, and my ward no is : 23 saidapet, sec 21

  • yuvarajan thangavel

    This is yuvarajan. i submitted the voter id form at the right time in my region of district. i couldnot collect the voted ID, when they had issued to all. Is it possible to get print of the same in my region at this time because i’ve trouble to apply passport. kindly to advise me to get voter ID as well as soon.

  • M.Lavanya

    In my voter id card in my birthdat date its some mistake. how can i correct that mistake plz tell the procedure to follow and help me to change my date of birth

    Thank you

    With Warm Regards


    Once again i thank you for the same

  • S Jaba Praveen Raja

    I have received my voter ID card but name is wrong in Tamil and English languages. I applied two times for getting proper ID but there is no response because of this problem i can’t get my passport. help me please

  • Jeyendran

    I have received Voter Id card at 2007 “Jeyendran S” with someone else photo ID, for this I have requested three time Form 8 with Photo, still the problem note solved, any think else need to do?

  • suryah

    Pls go to near by taluk office now, u can apply for new voters id and if u want to change ur existing id card u can do it now.

    hurry up u can apply for new voters id until september 20th 2011

  • VimalRajasingh

    I’m VimalRajaSingh.S From Chinnakankeyampatti,Budalur,Thanjavur 613602. My Voter id is totally had wrong informations like Actually my name is VimalRajaSingh but Printed in id card VimalRajakiss and also want change my photos .I believe the department is will take further action in my Id card process.

  • myname isshayin banu
    i applied so many times to get my voter id card still no response from respective officers when ever i am approaching them they giving casual answer like date is over and you are not suppose to submit this form like this so many reasons., my age is 23 i am missed 5 years to grant my vote.,

  • USHA R

    Many times I have submitted to change my residence address which is printed in my voter ID card. I have handed over all related proof like residence address,age proof etc to the concern officer then and there,but I have not received any information and new corrected card

  • mansoor

    i am already applied voter id on 17 feburary, but still i didnt get my id card, now what we i do,


    I have applied for my name correction in my voter id on September 2011.How can I find my name is corrected in the id card?

  • in spite of my address change given in 2010. Till date I have not received the voter id card on the new address. Why there is no reply till now? Where should I contact my address change? my current address is in sithalapakkam chennai 600073

  • My voter id number is JCH8159600 I have given the address change to my new residence but till date i have not received my name appearing in my new voter list why?

  • R.Prabakaran

    My name is R.Prabakaran 22 year old,Coimbatore district thondamuthur Taluk my village is kembanur door no 11 veeramasthiamman kovil st vard no 4 i applied voter id in september 26 2011. still date i am not received voters id and also not in the voters list. pls arrange my voting rights

  • kumaresan

    we are giving applications to change the constituency according to our new address to thasildar electins of our area .they do not change it at all. there is no serial number inthe form . so no one can find out the status of action taken on the application form 6.next time if we go thasildar simply asks to give another form 6, by that time election date would be over. election commission is nt earnest in its atempts to enrol every eligible voter, it is simply an eye wash system. why eleion officer is not printing seral numbers on such forms for a follow up? now inthe present sysstem follwed by election commission itself is not in a position to know how many form 6 are received by them and how many are thrown in diust bins .election commissioner should take responsiblity for this useless system followed by him.wasting of energy and time of so many people and wasting of govt,.public money . on stationeries and salaries.so many peoples voting right is rejected.