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Trouble in AIADMK Camp?

AIADMK today released it’s list of candidates from 160 constituencies. Going by the response from Communist Parties it seems all is not well in the AIADMK alliance. Is AIADMK over confident of it’s victory? It seems so, given that it has unilaterally declared it’s candidate list without consulting its allies.
Seems the short notice for the elections has caught AIADMK Camp on the wrong foot than it did for the DMK Camp (which looked more like a staged drama anyway).

AIADMK also has issues with MDMK its long term ally on the seat sharing.

Going by the happenings, AIADMK seems to be over-confident about winning, it has not realised that welfare schemes of DMK Govt. are popular in the rural areas – DMK has doled out lots of freebies and easy money schemes for the masses (usefulness of the schemes is debatable). AIADMK is banking of the negative publicity DMK has got from 2G Scam, but given DMK’s freebies, money power, AIADMK will have a tough fight on it’s fight.
Even issues like price rise have taken a back seat with prices cooling down. 2G Scam will be just another case that will run for a decade or two and eventually die out like Bofors and other cases. To win AIADMK needs to ensure it’s allies are fully supporting it and are happily doing it. DMDK may not be able to get as many votes as previously simply because lot of people earlier voted for it since it was seen as an alternative, now it is part of an alliance. Does AIADMK realise this?

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