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Disclosures – Know them Better

An opportunity to know who the candidates are – their official wealth & details about their education and criminal background.

Affidavits filled by the candidates provide an insight into their wealth & crimes. However it still cannot be taken on the face value considering that the declaration is only for the official white money & wealth there is no talk of the black money here.

I am not sure about the election laws but I believe if a candidate has made a wrong affidavit he/she should be barred from elections of any type for a period of 5 years and also he should relinquish any public postings like head of a co-operative society or corporation or quasi-government forum. The candidate must also be made to pay a penalty and do public service on the ground – like manning traffic signals for a week or manually cleaning the roads along with public servants or set-up help desk to help people approaching govt. department for some service

Click Here to view affidavits of candidates: http://www.elections.tn.gov.in/TNLA2011_AFFIDAVITS.htm

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