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Voting without Voter ID Card

If your name is in the Electoral Rolls but you have not received the Voter ID Card yet, then also you can vote using one of the below mentioned Photo ID Cards:

(i) Passport,

(ii) Driving License issued up to 28.02.2011.

(iii) Income Tax Identity (PAN) Cards,

(iv) Service Identity Cards with photograph issued to its employees by State/Central Government, Public Sector Undertakings, Local Bodies or Public Limited Companies,

(v) Passbooks with photograph issued by Public Sector Banks/Post Office and Kisan Passbooks (Accounts opened on or before 28.02.2011),

(vi) Pension Documents with photograph, such as ex-servicemen’s Pension Book/Pension Payment Order, ex-servicemen’s Widow/Dependent Certificates issued up to 28.02.2011.

(vii) Freedom Fighter Identity Cards with photo,

(viii) Property documents such as Pattas, Registered Deeds, etc., with photograph.

(ix) SC/ST/OBC certificates issued by competent authority with photograph (issued up to 28.02.2011)

(x) Arms Licenses with photograph ,

(xi) Certificate of physical handicap with photograph issued by the competent authority issued up to 28.02.2011,

(xii) Job Cards under NREGA Scheme with photograph issued up to 28.02.2011,

(xiii) Health Insurance Scheme Smart Cards with photograph (Ministry of Labour’s Scheme)

If the above documents are available only to one member of the family, then it can be used for identifying other members of the family also if all come together to vote and each family member is identified by the member having the valid photo ID document.


For Overseas electors, only the PASSPORT can be used as a valid photo ID document. Other documents listed above cannot be used.

Read Election Commission’s Order – http://eci.nic.in/eci_main/CurrentElections/tamilnadu_ins/ins25032011ta.pdf

4 comments to Voting without Voter ID Card

  • Hariram

    Respected Sir,
    My company name is PRP granite exports (Madurai). I am staying in company mansion. Almost 2000-2500 workers (voters) are staying together, they wont allow workers to go out to poll their votes on 13th of April. So, please make a solution for this problem.

  • M.Venkatasubramanian

    Respected Sir,
    Already i give form 6 for entry of voter list. my wife name is added in voter’s list. But my name is not added in voter list. Please add my name.
    93,Kodeeswaran nagar,
    12th cross street,
    Thirunelvellai town.



    I have a Voter ID, Ration Card, passport and etc., But my name in electrol roll. In this situation what can i do., i will enter the vote or not.

  • siva

    i am 18year old .i bought vote id(change photo) i am do not buy any Identity Cards with photo,
    how to vote 13april