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Only Voter ID Card or Voter Slip allowed?

In the latest press release, Election Commission has stated that voters will be allowed to vote only if they have their Voter ID Card or the Voter’s Slip that Election Commission is going to distribute from April 1st. This is completly different from the Election Commission’s order dated 23rd March for allowing use of other photo ID Cards. Probably this decision was taken considering almost 100% coverage in Tamil Nadu (99.85% of registered voters as have their photos in the voter list as of 10th Jan 2011).

However as usual a lot many people have registered in the last 2 months esp. after finding that their names have been unceremoniously struck off from the list without any reason. What happens to these newly registered voters? How will they vote without voter ID Card? Will the Voter Slip to be distributed by Election Commission have photos or will it be like the slips that are distributed by the parties before every elections (with just the name & the part no. which helps the booth officials to find the name faster).

Probably we will be hearing soon again about whether other photo ID cards will be allowed or not.

20 comments to Only Voter ID Card or Voter Slip allowed?

  • Ramesh

    I am intrested to poll this assembly elections . i am in Gulf, so how i can poll by internet, there is any chances for polling please reply me.

    • admin

      Currently we cannot vote through internet. You have to be physically present to vote. You can register as a voter from overseas itself. Check election commission website and contact the local Indian Embassy

  • Ramesh

    Thanks for the details….

  • R Venkatakrishnan

    Till now I have not recd any voters ID card. I have applied three times till the last election. Last time election also name is not available in the list. I am residing in Veppampattu, Thiruvallur District. Pl help me in this regard & send yr reply to my above mail id.


    It is understood that my name is not available in the present voters list and thereby no slip issued to my name and my family members. My voter ID Card No. is SOL0006858 and address is Karuvanoor B.O & Village, Madurai 625014 which falls in Madurai East Constituency. Since I am working in Airports Authority of India and my job is transferrable every three years. I have enrolled in the Election Commission at my Native Village and I have utilised in the last Lok Sabha Election also. Further, I have returned to Chennai from Agatti Airport last month only. Request to arrange for inclusion of name in the voters list and request to reply immediately.

    • admin

      Sir, unfortunately we cannot arrange to add your name in the voter list as we are not the OFFICIAL AUTHORITY. We are just a group of individuals trying to create awareness about the elections.

  • Meenu

    Sir, I have applied for a voters ID in March, they asked me to check if my name has come in the voters list. I checked with my ward. It wasn’t there. They said, that the document might be missing, but there is a provision to see the status of your voters ID card online. Can you please tell me the website to see it? The website is available in Tamil as well.

  • R. Venkataraman

    Sir, I have already applied for voter ID during Sep 2010 and inturn I was asked to wait until february 2011. I wen to the thasildars office at tambaram for collecting the same and inturn I was informed that it will be delivered by them by the end of march 11. So far I didnot receive it yet and the elections are going to be held in april 13.
    My name is in the voters list aswell. Kindly help me sir.

  • meena

    I have applied for voter id card. My name is in the electoral rolls. But since I donot have the voter id card,is it possible for me to vote with any other photo id?


    I applied for the voter card and after an month I received an slip with my photo on it. where should exchange the slip to get the voter card

    • admin

      You can use the slip to vote. Your voter ID card is probably not ready yet. Take the voter slip with you to the polling booth and you will be allowed to vote.

  • N. Prakash

    It is understood that my name is not available in the present voters list and thereby no slip issued to my name and my family members. My voter ID Card No. is TN/03/009/0297376. My simple question is whether I can exercise my democratic right and cast my vote eventhough my name is not in the voter list and whether my vote can be cast on the basis of my Voter ID alone.

  • vaishnavi


    I just want to know i can vote . In my three of us have voter’s Id , Out of three there are 4. We are interested to vote . But help us how to vote and What are all the possibilities to vote


    I am having voter id card (cpk3274008) but they are telling that the name is omitted. Why what is the reason.



  • albonsaa1

    sir i have voter id my id number is TN/39/234/0270103
    from kanyakumari distict. my name not present in resent voter list can i able to vote.
    please replay me sir

  • s.venkatachalapathi

    Respected sir how to find my name in the electerole


    how to get my booth slip online?

  • p.isravel

    i have voter id but not issue vote slip. i want poll for election .how did poll