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Who can contest to be a MLA?

An Indian Citizen not less than twenty five years of age (as on date of scrutiny of nomination) can contest the elections for state assemblies.

Further the candidate must be an elector (registered voter) anywhere in the country.

If the consitutency is a reserved constituency then the candidate must be a member of identified castes or tribes and also a elector IN THAT STATE

Further, the candidate must not be convicted for an offense where the punishment involves imprisonment of more than 3 years.

While filing nomination the candidate is required to file an affidavit on stamp paper under oath about criminal cases pending or where convicted and also about the WEALTH of self and dependents (spouse, sons, daughters, etc.)

Surprisingly big leaders seem to not even own vehicles but ironically they are always going around on private vehicles. Time to ask them to declare details of the companies they run?

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