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To Vote or Not? Vote for whom?

It is an ironical dilemma for many out there – To Vote or Not to Vote.

Many people especially the upwardly mobile middle-class see Voting as a task than can be ignored. They find it a good opportunity to holiday.

Many argue that voting is cumbersome, why Internet based voting has not been enabled to make it easy for all? why cannot I just vote anywhere, why do I need to go to a specific polling booth? All these questions show how much pampered we are and how lazy we are. Most of us also do not see any direct benefit from voting (like the lower class people who get cash for votes), so we do not vote. We have become so short-sighted that we do not see the long term benefits of exercising our fundamental right. Probably politicians have realised that it is better to keep a vast majority at home on polling day so that they can get votes by promising short-term benefits like gifts and cash.

Educated people must realise that we must excercise our right to vote, only if we come out and vote will the politicians also think of doing something for us. Educated Middle-class does not realise that today they constitute a big chuck of votes that can influence the outcome of the elections. By voting enmass it can ensure that politicians who bribe voters can be kicked out.

The question now comes to Whom to Vote for?

Vote in assembly elections taking into considerations the past performance of the party & the candidate for the welfare & development of the state. Do not give in to false promises. Every promise given out by the political party will be implemented using taxpayer’s money and not from their pockets so hyped up and useless policies should be ignored. It would be great if parties provide freebies out of their money but this never happens.

I find that all the politicians are same – corrupt to the core, don’t do any benefit to the society/constituency.  So if all are bad whom should I vote for? If I vote for the opposition saying the ruling party is bad, the opposition is equally bad.

Ironically we have ways to make politicians realise that they cannot continue robbing the country.
One of the best option is making use of Sec.49-O option – Casting your vote by saying I don’t prefer any of the listed candidates.
So how to do it? Once you are in the polling booth and your turn to vote comes up, after identification you can inform the booth officer that you intend to use Sec.49-O. In that case the booth officer will record your name in a separate register and take your signature. Though exercising 49-O option doesn’t have a direct impact on the outcome – it is a way to express displeasure to the politicians and if more and more people take up 49-O option then we can press of changes in Electoral Laws to make it even more powerful like if 49-O votes are greater than the winning margin then re-polling can be mandated with all candidates securing less than the 49-O votes being disqualified from contesting.

One problem wit 49-O is that you are forced to disclose your identity when you take this option, i.e., political parties will know the list of people who have used 49-O  option. Given the level of politics in our country this can cause concern to the public exercising this option.

Another way is to vote for an independent, every vote for an independent is a vote against the parties. So if independents receive a huge number of votes it will show the discontent among voters towards the political parties.

So whatever happens go out on 13th April and cast your vote. Only if we vote will we be able to reform the politican scenario in the state & country.

8 comments to To Vote or Not? Vote for whom?

  • senthil

    vote for what license to loot the peoples money?

  • vjguhan

    No Repolling occurs even if there are more 49 – 0 Voters than the other voters. But the number of non-voters list will be maintained by election authorities. So , may be in future, we the people can fight for some changes in this. But it’s still a dream.

  • Mahindran

    If the polling percentage is very low…Some good candiate may contest the next time..I am ignoring this election and continue to do so until I see a CM like KAMRAJ

    • admin

      Personally I feel not a good idea. If you don’t like any of the party candidates go out and vote for independents – check their profile and vote. This will encourage more good people to contest and someday like you say we will see a CM like KAMARAJ

  • Priya

    Is there any separate button included in the voting machine to vote for 49 o in this election? or still we have to fill the form to express the displeasure. Filling the form will make others to know right. This is also like expressing whom we voted for which is illegal

  • chandrasekhar

    why cast a vote for lawbreakers who later become lawmakers ? why not incorporate ” none of the above ” in evm’s to ensure not revealing ‘voters’ identity?

  • Ramya

    Similar to railway booking system, can voting system made easy. Individual can go to any booth in TN, show a valid voter ID and vote in the booth. The same can be recorded online. This will enable more indivials to register their vote. This can show raise in polling percentage and number of non-voters count would reduce.