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Election Wishes

Some desirable policies (in my opinion) that parties must focus on for long-term sustainable well-being:

Desirable Measures
Strengthen Public Tanks & other water bodies & interlink them to ensure rain water is properly harvested
Encourage Industries to set-up private renewable energy power plants that can be for local consumption.
Encourage community based small-scale (village/hamlet level) power plants based on biogas/wind power/solar power that are delinked to grid and lighten up a village/hamlet
Improve the facilities in all Govt. run schools, encourage local investment to schools. IT enable all rural schools & link them for providing enhanced digital-based education using animations, videos etc.
Increase the number of public transportations – buses and increase bus fare to sustainable level (increasing bus fare to logic levels will ensure more normal fare buses will be run and current situation of delux/express fare buses will be reduced)
Introduce luxury buses under SETC with good fares – it will help in subsidising low fares on other types of buses. Currently OMNI buses corner all the luxury travel.
Identify a 3rd terminal in Chennai for trains to south. It can be the proposed metro terminal in Koyambedu – a new route via Sriperambathur, Kancheepuram can be studied to provide an alternate passenger route to Trichy & beyond.
One possibility can be = Koyambedu – Sriperambathur – Kancheepuram – Arni – Tiruvannamalai – Tirukoilur – Kallakurichi – Attur – Namakkal – Karur will provide an additional route that utilises less utilsied existing routes in most of the placed (Arni – Tirukoilur) (Kallakurichi – Attur) (Namakkal – Karur – under construction)
Free-up registration charges & stamp duty on property purchases – delink from market price – Fix Guideline value and link it to Inflation instead of market price (Market price linkage ensures under reporting & generation of black money)
Improve Law & Order. Set-up more courts and speed-up case hearing. Bring in a tracking system for public to know how the courts & judges are performing.
Increase police personnel strength & their salary ensure corruption level goes down. Allocate a part of the fines collected for police welfare.
Increase e-governance. Ensure more services are provided over internet and alternate channels to ensure interaction between government servants & public is reduced to minimum and thereby corruption is reduced.
Promote Clean Environment. Strictly punish polluters.
Standardise Taxes to ensure more compliances. Ensure quick & stringent punishment for tax evaders.

Not a complete list…

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