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Clean Up Elections

We all complain how bad politics is now and how elections are won on money, muscle power and proper candidates do not contest and if they do, they are not elected.

Inspite of the crack down by the Election Commission we all know that money distribution & bully happen on the sly.

What can we do about it?

1. Educate people around us about the need for clean & fair elections

2. Educate people about the need to look long-term and not to be tempted by money for votes or towards freebies

3. Educate people about background & profile of candidates in your constituency

4. Complain to authorities if you come across any malpractices. You can take a photo and upload it to your facebook a/c or send to any newspaper by email. You can contact

5. Propogate the importance of vote – you can just speak to your friends & relatives – or email them reminding about the elections. Ensure all people you know have voted on Election Day.

6. Educate people about the 49-O option

We can do a lot of things, remember the power of crowd, when all work together we can accomplish the process of cleaning politics.

1 comment to Clean Up Elections

  • Prof.N Sailapathi


    One good thing about the ‘free for all election’ is that it served as an opportunity to disburse the black money back in to the economy. Politicians who lavishly spend money during the elections feel it as a license to indulge in corrupt and nefarious activities to further amass black money. In fact the portfolios are demanded producing appropriately the proof for the money spent as election expenses. Therefore there was a perpetual cycle for generation and deployment of black money that is doing justice in a dubious manner. What is going to be the effect of Income Tax (IT) department and Election Commission (EC) raids chocking the use of black money for the elections in Tamilnadu today? A Chartered Accountant friend says:

    Politicians willfully allow enforcement agencies to seize couple of Crores of their money with full media focus on this drama knowing doubly sure that they can claim it back after the elections. Reason is that they intend these seizures as an appropriate proof of their magnanimity during the election for buying votes. They are sure that they can establish to their political bosses that about 10 to 15 times the seized amount was spent by them during the election to demand portfolio of their choice.

    Doesn’t this mean that the corruption trend is shifting from ‘dubious justice’ to ‘gross injustice’ by allowing black money to be siphoned out of our economy? No doubt the leaders who are portrayed as using the black money by the wide cross section of media remains cool to sympathize the ignorance of the leaders who support the raids by IT department and Election Commission. It doesn’t practically mean that those supporting the raids are good! It only means that they are a bit slow in their understanding!! Unfortunately even Anna Hazare phenomenon seems to be evading Tamilnadu!!!

    Freebies through manifesto have now replaced the Thirumangalam trick in this election to Tamilnadu. Freebies are not an alien thing to us. Corporate are known to use gifts and memorabilia to engage their customers. The Socialistic Model of Governance has proved by now by delivering everything the people need free of cost to them by a public distribution system – freebie!! Also for millennium the rulers of Tamil kingdom believed in ensuring free delivery of food and shelter to the needy. Therefore the ‘noon meal scheme’ or ‘anna dhanam’ or ‘free housing’ are not any brain child of any or politicians of today. There can be difference of opinion whether on whether cooked fish has to be served or just the fishing rod to be given. There are several thousand families that are managing comfortably their life for decades by using productively the free iron box or the sewing machine given to them. At the same time the noon meal scheme also has done some magic.

    None of those urban educated voters who deplore freebies as cheap gimmick will spare any government that doesn’t ensure free water supply to them. To them all populist schemes defy economics and they are made to believe that only fascist schemes mean economics by their education. The Dravidian freebie politics is about a scheme that is both populist and fascist and so is neutral in a round about manner. One can only hope that right principles will evolve over time to determine as to what can be disbursed as freebie and which industry can be pampered for it. But no academic debate is happening on this subject on date as only film personalities are dwelling more on this subject now!

    Politics here is unique by its dominance by film personalities. It is true that, more than academic education, it is the fine and performing arts that imparts better personalities, character and leadership qualities. Historically the rulers of the ancient Tamil kingdoms were not only patrons of arts but were also well appreciated artists themselves. It is their passion for art that has helped them to suppress their ambition of empire building by foolish and bloody wars. People trusted such artists next only to god fearing personalities and other servants of Gods. Dravidian parties keeps Gods out of politics and therefore the arena here is well laid out for matinee idols to mesmerize the people. It is a fact that reel life can be stretched to anything in real life and anything in real life can be easily transformed to reel life.

    But in reality it is only M.G.Ramachandran(MGR) who made a dent in to this political arena from reel life. N.T.Ramarao successfully emulated him in Andhra Pradesh with an additional support from his Godly image. The rest of those who are here now are only the after effects of MGR phenomenon. Even Kalaingnar Karunanidhi distanced himself from film industry initially in politics and identified himself with the film industry later only after the success of MGR phenomenon. Rajinikanth seems to be keen in making a mark in a domain above politics when Jayalalitha to Vijayakanth exploit the advantage arising out of MGR phenomenon. Filmdom is adding the much needed entertainment to this year election to the Tamilnadu that is struggling to gain momentum of festivities due to the curbs imposed by the EC.

    Scarcity of good leaders continues and so, though a different election, the voter sees the same option of ‘rising sun’ and ‘two leaves’. The deteriorated value system in the film industry that is under the control of political mafia seems to be lacking now in scope for producing good leaders anymore. Either there seems to be any hope from those who are supposed to be educated here for education has lost its shine here due to corruption. Voter doubt Election Commission as well in spite the raids reported everyday for they still have not explained the planned delay in the announcement of the result satisfactorily. But there are good effort made by several corporate leaders, community leaders, educational entrepreneurs, social activists, educated youths and also the film industry personalities to fill the void. But the coordinated effort for bringing about a change in political culture is conspicuous by its absence. The arithmetic arising out of this election can destabilize / stabilize the government at the center but this election will not mean any difference to life of voters in Tamilnadu. The reforms have taken the charm out of the election and seem to be causing only more harm and hardship to the voters.