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Vote Free

“Vote Free”… what does it mean?

Does it mean the “Vote Free”  zone where the most of the people are opting not to vote?

Does it mean “Vote For Free” –  people are voting for the freebies?

Ok…Lets classify as following..

1. Vote Free People – Who does not opt to vote.

2. Vote for Free People – Who vote for freebies/money etc.

Vote Free People:

I always see them complaining about the government..they talk about 2G scam..everyday..
But when i ask them have you booked your tickets(Talking about the people working in corporates) to your native to vote? Mostly the reply is ‘No’  and they continue to complain..No wonder why around 40% of the votes are not polled.So what is the point? Even though, they have been given the leave with salary, they do not want to take a effort once in 5 years to vote. I would say they are equally responsible of the corruption,etc they complain about. Instead of teaching the children in schools to be in attention for the national anthem, we can teach the importance of the election and voting. The latter would surely benefit the nation.

2. Vote for Freebies people:
Since 2006, there has been a new trend set by the Tamilnadu politicians..thats giving freebies.Yes..its an important move if the very good standard of education and medical services which are the basic essential services are offered free.But its a kind of marketing of the product ‘Begging’ as ‘Freebies’. But again, if you talk about these freebies with the people who are running a high-middle class life in the city..they are so aggressive..they are all working in a private sectors / corporates. But they usually forget about themselves..As you all know, the private companies offer lot of ‘Freebies’ in the name of ‘Employee benefit’.
For example, they are offered a free coffee in their company, do you think, they are not affordable to buy a coffee which costs around 10 rs… or else how about giving the amount as the added component in the salary..no..this will not work if you know the human psychology.So the point is, everybody in this world is enjoying the ‘Freebies’ in the name of what we are comfortable with. So why we are against the ‘Freebies’? Because the ‘Freebies’ are used to misguide the people to vote in favor of a specific political party. OK. Who was held responsible for this? The answer may be bitter..but we have to accept that..that is me and you. The Forward Community( When i say this it means who are all financially, educationally healthy), was not caring about the rest who should have been brought up together. Its like one of our children who is unnoticed or not given attention is used by the miscreants. If you visualize the whole society as the family, you can better understand this. So the answer is so simple…We can not change the people overnight..the change has to happen from the root level..It may take years..but we have to start as soon as possible.

Why the politicians do corruption?

Because they belong to us..may be not so pleasant answer to us. But its the truth. You all might have come across the traffic police who asked you bribe, for not to file a case against you. We all complain about them.. But have we ever asked them to file a case instead of bribing them?
We have violated the traffic rules..which supposed to be followed by us. The traffic police has violated the rule of filing a case. Here both parties have violated the rules. But our fingers are pointing only the traffic police. The same happens when we point our finger towards the politician. The amount of violation happens based on what we are. We all know what we do to save tax. If we happen to be a politician, we may be even outperform the current ones. So again we have to start from the root level.

Note: I request you all to share your thoughts / perceptions about this article. Because i always believe that there is an better thing. Help me enrich my knowledge by leaving a comment.

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