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Vote Free

“Vote Free”… what does it mean?

Does it mean the “Vote Free” zone where the most of the people are opting not to vote?

Does it mean “Vote For Free” – people are voting for the freebies?

Ok…Lets classify as following..

1. Vote Free People – Who does not opt to vote.

2. Vote for . . . → Read More: Vote Free

Voter Slips Distribution Started

Voter slips distribution by Government Officials has started. Distribution has started in Chennai. The Zonal Tax Collectors are distributing the slips in Chennai. Hopefully all the voter slips will be distributed by this weekend.

Clean Up Elections

We all complain how bad politics is now and how elections are won on money, muscle power and proper candidates do not contest and if they do, they are not elected.

Inspite of the crack down by the Election Commission we all know that money distribution & bully happen on the sly.

What can we . . . → Read More: Clean Up Elections

To Vote or Not? Vote for whom?

It is an ironical dilemma for many out there – To Vote or Not to Vote.

Many people especially the upwardly mobile middle-class see Voting as a task than can be ignored. They find it a good opportunity to holiday.

Many argue that voting is cumbersome, why Internet based voting has not been enabled to . . . → Read More: To Vote or Not? Vote for whom?

Election Expenditure

A candidate is allowed to spend a maximum of Rs.16Lakhs during campaigning for the assembly elections in Tamil Nadu. This amount was notified on 23th Feb 2011. Earlier the amount used to be Rs.10Laksh

Interestingly the expenditure limit varies from state to state with max. amt being Rs.16Lakhs in most states for assembly elections and . . . → Read More: Election Expenditure

Video Recording – Update

Election Commission has decided to have video cameras in about 20000 polling booths to monitor the elections.

Rumours have been going around that Video cameras will capture the choice of the voters. However this is not true. Election Commission has confirmed that video camera will be positioned in a manner where the EVM will not . . . → Read More: Video Recording – Update

Disclosures – Know them Better

An opportunity to know who the candidates are – their official wealth & details about their education and criminal background.

Affidavits filled by the candidates provide an insight into their wealth & crimes. However it still cannot be taken on the face value considering that the declaration is only for the official white money & . . . → Read More: Disclosures – Know them Better

New Affidavits

Election Commission has modified the format of the Affidavits filed by Candidates. The new format is better formated and brings out more relavent information.

The assets part has been modified to bring out better picture about the candidates wealth like identifying whether the property is inherited or self-purchased, cost of purchase, current value.

Candidates are . . . → Read More: New Affidavits

Election Watch

ADR (ASSOCIATION FOR DEMOCRATIC REFORMS) is body that has been fighting for election reforms over the past decade. ADR was primarily responsible for much of the reforms that we see today – filing of affidavits by candidates with details about their wealth & legal cases.

ADR has done an good analysis of the 2006 Assembly . . . → Read More: Election Watch

Video Recording of Polling

Election Commission has decided to video record the poll proceedings in approx. 20,000 polling booths across 32 districts in the state. ECI proposes to use Computers and webcams for recording the poll proceedings. This is an attempt to crub polling related mal-practices.

Further, ECI proposes to live streaming of about 10,000 of these 20,000 polling . . . → Read More: Video Recording of Polling