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61 comments to Opinions

  • Anbu

    the biggest 2G Scam corruption in tamilnadu election

    • r. rathinam

      Yes. I agree that the 2G spectrum scam will doom the DMK and its alliance definetly.
      And also the way the Central and State govts going hand in hand in supporting the the genocide of Tamils in Srilanka after the defeat of LTTE at Mullivayil will surely give punishment to the Tamil Ina Dhrohi – Karunanidhi

  • 1. sky-rocketting price of essential food items
    2. Law & Order problem. No one is sure that a person
    who left home in the morning will return in the
    3. Looting: Sand, Rice, 2g spectrum, land usurp,
    highly partisan attitude of DMK.

  • Chandru

    List of candidates who are contesting in the constituencies.
    Their back ground History.

    How have they performed in the past.i.e when they came into power what did they promise.
    How did they keep up the promise and whether the needs of the constituency were fulfilled.
    A percentage of how much needs they took care and details of what schemes they implemented in the constituency in the past.

    This helps us to nkow whom to vote for based on his or her pas performance.

  • M Adittan

    Although party based elections are going to be held in Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly elections 2011 the strategy must be taken into account that election between 2 popular personalities in TN political arena.

    1. Mr. M. Karunanidhi, DMK present Hon’ble Chief Minister.
    2. Miss.J.Jayalalitha, AIDMK president.

    The history of Mr.M.Karunanidhi, clearly exhibits that his main aim is family wealth building by corruption and family power networking. In his lucrative political business, he is very intelligent how to satisfy the masses, Govt.servants. So, he attracts the masses by giving tv sets, 20 kg rice at Rs.20 gas connection, free houses etc. For Govt.servants pay hikes, service confirmations, concessions etc.He has been gifted with good eloquence and acting. All his good things vanishes because the aim is fault i.e. family wealth and power building. There is no national, public and regional benevolence in his aim.

    On the other hand, the history of Miss. J.Jayalalitha clearly exhibits that she is innocent and incapable in wealth building comparatively. Of course she has no family. It is clearly understood she is not interested in all these cheap tactics. If Miss. Jayalalitha swears not to repeat her previous regimes faults like confrontation with Center, torturing Govt.servants, comedy like sending temple elephants to jungles for picnic, ration card confusions. She is in need of good eloquence. Her politics should not be narrow around Mr. M. Karunanidhi & family and much more broader view how to upgrade common poor and good people of Tamil Nadu. She seems to be very fast and intelligent in making any decisions and best administrator. She should take oath to run a clear , clean and cool Government like his mentor Arignar Anna and Mr.MGR.

    This is strategy of Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu people are good and sweet but innocent.

    Now the time and good people of Tamil Nadu are only the deciding authorities for Elections 2011

  • Muruganandam

    Karunanithi’s DMK & congress should be eliminated from Tamilnadu even from India.

  • Ashokkumar

    The people of tamilnadu had come across the historical scam of the century by DMK and well supported by congress.the people had realised the intensity of karunanithi in strengthening the wealth of their family members at the cost of the public fund.hope not to see the DMK again in the power atleast for next 4 assembly election.

  • i wish to participate the dmdk mla. what willi do

  • saimurugesh

    Hello Tamil Nadu Backbones (AIADMK-DMDK)
    We have to get a good and peaceful government ever for living without any hesitates and irritates. Because of that, we need to poll the votes to AIADMK. The actor cums politician Mr.Vijayakanth should make an alliance with AIADMK at the earliest. We are eagerly waiting for a good CM for our states. Belonging to that all the peoples should polls the votes to AIADMK. Make a faith on it. I will be a hope to be part in the election assembly 2011 for AIADMK. We want AIADMK. Most of the poor peoples are there in TN, we have to do a good thing for all the poor ones. We hope DMDK leader MR.Vijayakanth can do the better things for the TN peoples. We never give a chance to win for DMK. We will diploid a AIADMK and DMDK for potential winning to be a trait of TN.
    All the best to AIADMK & DMDK.

  • arul

    hello Mr.Adittan is jaya not corrupted ?

  • M Adittan

    hello Mr. Arul, Of course Miss.Jayalalitha is also “corrupted” to what extent? She is so “innocent” and have fear of ethics to correct all the matters one example being by returning the Tansi land to Tansi itself. But in the case of Mr.MK it is not possible at all as he will never acknowledge his fault. His long history shows that he never acknowledged his fault although he committed so many scams and crimes. Mr.MK will justify his position by his tactics,oratory,eloquence and diplomacy. That is the difference.

    Which ‘difference’ is better?

    The Time factor, Sweet, good and innocent people of Tamil Nadu are the deciding authorities

  • Gopi

    Hello Aditan,

    Dont say that she is innocent coz she is not having family.
    First of all,She is also having family. Family members are sasikala,dinakaran,etc..,
    How much extent you abt her corruption.?
    If u want to know abt her corruption, go and ask Ritesh MP. He will divulge the truth abt her.

  • Kalaignar karunanithi surely wins the coming election bcoz they do lot of thing for tamilnadu like 108 ambulance,kalaignar kaapedu scheme,tamil semmozhi maanadu,cleaning of koovam,free colour tv,2acres for poverty people,ramnathapuram water scheme,hogennakkal scheme,tamil film title must in tamil,etc………

  • Both dmk and admk are corrupted but admk is far less corrupted than dmk. Rowdism is also less during j period. So i hope admk wins the election with complete majority to form a stable government.

  • Prof. M Adittan

    When Sarkaria commission clearly founded out that Mr.MK, then CM is the kingpin culprit in the Veeranam Project (which is a waste project)has lavished public money to crores of rupees. Tamil Nadu people should have identified him should not have allowed him again to crown Mr.MK.

    Now see whole family has been deliberately inducted by him in State and Central Govts. wihout any moral fear what public would think about him and looted national wealth to the exchequer of 1.76 lakhs crores in the 2G scam predicting the volume of corruption to be made before in advance by compulsorily asking portfolio of telecom ministry and inducting Mr.Raja,a close relative.

    Once Mr.Jawaharlal Nehru remarked “India is not a poor country but of poor people”.

    All Mr.MK’s schemes to the people of Tamil Nadu is only a gimmicks to show him as a good Samaritan to retain the power to swindle remaining national wealth to his family members and empowering family administration.

    Unfortuanately there is no alternative to Mr.MK except Miss.Jayalalitha. Analyzing,the history of Miss.Jayalalitha, she was unfortunate to lead a family and to be so intelligent to understand masses and their psychology even now. Because even now Mr.MK is ready to touch the peoples feet to canvass votes. So it was noted as ‘innocense’.

    At this political situation in TN there is no other alternative to throw the corruptive family powered Government except to give Miss. Jayalalitha a retentive chance to rectify herself to lead a corruption free, clean, clear and cool government without spoiling good welfare measures and schemes of the DMK Government. If Miss. Jayalalitha if proved guilty TN people should not hesitate to throw her out.

    “A Government is for the people, by the people, towards the people” Mr. Abraham Lincoln.

    In short, when Dr.MGR was in power (from 1977 to 1987), Mr.MK not even dared to open his mouth in Assembly. The real quality of Mr.MK is that. Now after Dr.MGR there is no other mass leader to control Mr.MK. This is the Reality. The main distinction between Arignar Anna/Dr.MGR vs Mr.MK

    For Arignar Anna, Dr.MGR all the fame, posts and peoples affection came towards them naturally by their superior qualities.

    In the case of Mr.MK, still at the age of nearing 85 is running towards, fame, posts and people’s affection by using his oratory, eloquence, power , wealth and diplomacy

    In my opinion, Tamil Nadu peoples are very good and sweet but innocence to explode politician’s tactics are only the deciding authorities. Let us wait and see.

  • srikanth

    hello everybody,
    if u want to clearly know corruption made by the damn DMK in this period just read the 49 pages financial budget speech by anbalagan and compare the budget allocated with the revenue receipt…

    i will just state one over here

    approximately 400 thousand crores have been corrupted…

    if u r good at maths and auditing just put some calculations on budget and revenue receipt

    more over people here speaks only wat AIADMK and DMK hav done, for damn god sake just leave the past and think abt the future the politicians are just servants for us they hav been appointed by us to do our works. they must be in control of our hands but its vice versa over here we must feel ashamed for being like this. just for one election do not vote then each and every politicians will feel the anger in us and they will be controlled by us.

    jai hind

  • A.Socretes

    All the Social Service are good like free tv set, 1 ruppee rice, cash award for pregnant women, free houses, 108 ambulance, concession to first degree holder of the family etc. Please remember all these are partially funded by Central Government. All the DMK cadres are given a chance to earn. DMK cadres have 2 account books. One is real census. The other is bogus. In my ward 2500 tv sets were received. They only supplied 1200 tv sets without informing the listed. They sold remaining 1300 each for Rs.1000 and gained Rs.13,00,000 just in 2 days. Ward councilor finished his held up house building and conducted his son’s marriage grandly.

    My name was not available in the Govt.Pongal gift list. On my presence it was inserted with a murmur.
    In all the DMK Govt.schemes, sizable money is gained by dmk cadres. They are following the path of their great leader.

    Besides all please remember if 1 tv set is given they are earning the cost of 1 lakh tv sets 1 free house at Rs.2.5 lakhs means they are earning 2.5 lakh crores by any means either in central or at state as they are scattered in all portfolios in central and state.

    This election is a great opportunity for all to cast their votes frankly and without any fear.

  • Hamza

    Hello Friends, Does any1 knw who is gonna contest in the HARBOUR CONSTITUENCY on Behalf of AIADMK & DMK !!

  • Mohammed

    any way wat happenened is happened,y admk have done how manythings,surely dmk n it parties will clean sweap in the election.

  • Parthi

    Everyone should think about the amount we pay as TAX before we vote. TAX paying means normal people thinks that it’s only for rich. Even a poor who ever guy a item(eg: like soap) he buys and the house he/she lives for all these we are paying TAX to government. That hard earned money is looted by these guys very easily.
    Think about the money 2.76L Cr looted by this DMK people, with that money they would have feed entire INDIA for education budget. Think about it’s around 2k Cr only our Chennai Corporation budget.
    Our Vote is powerful. We need to use that power.

  • Mani

    Dont know this will happen even at this time. Gudalur is place where it has a lots of problem for people to survive. All the individuals are expecting a right person to be elected as a MLA, they found the right one who is RAJA Thangavel (Aiadmk), When everybody are ready to elect RAJA THANGAVEL as a MLA the party gives the seat to the allies party DMDK, where now an unknown new person who can never help the people is going to stand in the election against DMK.

    Rediculus, this shouldnt happen for anybody, cozpeople are expecting a person and there is no chance for the same person to stand in election now. What people will do at this time and where is their expectation and dreams went ?????

    Please, give a chance for AIADMK in Gudalur, Nilgiris but not for DMDK. We can never win with DMDK in Gudalur or OOTY and also people will be disappointed if we select other person when RAJA THANGAVEL is there ready to service people.



  • ARUN

    dear friends,
    considering the facts, both dmk and admk are corupt. The point is going with the least corupt… Because some result must come…we cant afford for a hung assembly ..by voting for third front (if created)….if that happens..karunanidhi will be the happiest person..for he is sure to win with the creation of third front ..so dont leave this opportunity use ur power and decide between dmk and ADMK…

  • km nalinishree

    If anybody wants the fragementation of tamilnadu they opt the dmk alliance which consists of money grabers like dalit panther and pmk who have no ideology except enrich themselves and become monsters of indepedent india.Decisions are made on the basis ofrequirements. The present requirements are less corruptableadministration who can contain the rowdism,control price hike (amuzham jasmine flower costs rupees ten)provide good infrastructure like good roads, continous power supply and no water scarcity.Without power freebies offered by dmk cannotmake a person happy.Simoultaneously dmk can provide invertors. Hence the right choice is aiadmk who are pioous and to an extent work as per consiouness.

  • Madhan

    Jayalalityha will win this election for sure..But ADMK will survive if she brings out in real whatever she mentioned in her impossible manifesto,also not increasing any taxes.


    please provide the cashless, prizeless genuine election, 2011 election commission doing the better election in tamilnadu

  • g.vinodaraaj

    i dont understand whos mony is geven to home in elestion promis (laptop ,grinder ect)is this we realy whant?
    no we need to ban bribary,white tape in law,important is family planing, main question did politation did family planing hahahhha,what ever may be the black mony should be retrived.adn our mony value should be raised!!! jay hind!!!!!!

  • jagadeesan

    On the day of Election, how many party rowdies capture the booths, how many are getting arrested, how many votes they put, how many politicians accompany them, how many working staffs get hurt/ killed, public property damages… etc…

  • manimaran

    Sure Veduthali serithigal will win

    • thamizh kumaran

      He used prabaharan’s name to survive he is the worst traitor for thamizhans. He wont win not even in his own constitutional area.

  • manimaran

    ADAMK head will not protect the people. Because she shown her original face to Mr.Viko.I think this is the drawback for ADAMK

  • thamizh kumaran

    Not even a single leader in both dmk and admk dont have any care abt thamizh people… here aftr ther wll be no place for thamizhans in tamil nadu…. both the leaders betrayed thamizhans after election jaya will form alliance with that italy traitor(sonia).
    “thamizh eni mella saagum” -lakku vanar
    “adarkul thamizhaney thannai alithu kolvan”

    “Semmeri aatu kootangal thirundhadu aangila kalvi erukum varai pagutharivum varadu sondha puthiyum varadu adimai kalvi payindra thamizhan thirunda maatan adimaiyaagathan erupaan”.

    • thamizh kumaran

      Karma veerar Kamarajar elavasa veetu vasathi valangum thittam was altered to kalaigar elavasa veetu vasathi valangum thittam…
      Brainless people of one of the biggest community founded a party in the name of kamaraj and formd alliance with dmk….

  • jayabal

    We should not forget that both the prominant leaders of DMK and ADMK are worst. when we speak of karunanidi’s family politics, we should not forget JJ’s sasikala. we need someone new, but we cannot relay on the drunkard vijayakanth

  • Sagay

    I think we no need of doing these elections. because spending the huge money for election makes the parties initial investments to earn in future.
    The best thing for our bright future is make rule by president for 6 months, meanwhile pause/cancel the parties invovlement for the public welfare.
    create Educated and Qualified mid-youths for our country.
    These all parties made us as freebies receiver.
    Instead of this freebeies they can offer 4 idli with chatni for breakfast,full meals for lunch, and 3 chapathies and a banana as dinner, then we no need job,power,parties etc.,

    Do or Dream!

  • K.jayashrisumathi

    i am jayashrisumathi my unique no is 1006710 ,wheres is my polling station

  • V N, Jhanani Priya

    I am not sure if this is already been addressed. Is there any option to get to know the profile of the contestants in our constituency.

  • Bernard Shaw

    Tamil Nadu Assembly Election 2011 is different from all elections.

    The ruling DMK is not at all a party. In around 1948 Mr.Annadurai, Mr.Karunanidhi, Mr.Somasundaram etc. all were members in Town Hall Club at Kumbakonam time passing by playing cards. Then they were in Dravidar Kazhagam. During 1949 they purchased a 40 pages note book, started Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam by enlisting members.

    Dravida comprises of Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada speaking people. But now this DMK party is meant for only Tamil speaking people. So, the name itself is wrong. It would be right if it is nomenclature d as Tamilar Munnetra Kazhagam. By this it is clearly understood they never had clear cut ideas or minds while forming the party i.e. now so called DMK.

    After demise of Arignar Anna, Mr.Karunanidhi became the leader of the party and all sorts of nuisance and atrocities updated to 2011 very well known to the whole world. He had no any qualification to become a good leader, broad minded politician, social reformer,administrator etc. His only skill was to speak Tamil using some metaphors and jargon.

    Mr.MK studied and came to the conclusion that Tamil people are so innocent and ignorant and they will melt if some passion is exposed. His main aim was to loot the public money and property. It is not possible to directly loot the money. If it is done, court cases will be leveled against him and put him in jail. So he introduced many social service schemes by channeling sizable income to him and his family members. Even for Govt.Servants a sizable amount is to be given to Mr.MK then only he will enhance their pay scales etc. Once Tamil Nadu Drivers Association gave huge amount to Mr.MK , he then hiked their pay on par with Junior Assistants.Then Junior Assistants murmured to collect some amount to Mr.MK to enhance their pay. So all he done to Government servants is only for money. In the dictionary of Mr.MK money,rowdyism and all sort of antisocial silly things he thought legitimate to continue in power. Thus, Mr.MK polluted himself,his family, and whole Tamil Nadu people and whole India in 2G spectrum case by his silly poor policies. So, by this one man Mr.MK, Tamil Nadu lost peace. No law and order.Spiraling prices. No control over essential commodities. Frequent power cuts. Mr.Alagiri , Mr.MK’s son dominates South and doing all sorts of rowdyism. All his family members purchasing lands at low cost by deceiving people and doing real estate business. All sorts of illegal things are done by his family members silently but outwardly they are acting like social reformers. They are done many atrocities by killing so many people for their political gain. But Mr.MK will be silent as a crocodile to kill their prey.

    But there is one unanimity, in Mr.MKs family and his party men. They have the ability to speak lies and act like good people and social reformers a show in the public meetings. So, Mr.MK ,his family and his party are all anti social elements.

    This election 2011 , is a great opportunity to throw away these anti social elements from the political scene if people of Tamil Nadu are wise, intelligent and informative. If DMK comes again to power the world should understood that Tamil Nadu people are still ignorant, foolish and non informative.

  • suresh

    Hi friends.. there have been issues since 1951.. But people are more aware of problems which are prominent in their region. so, Except in some Urban areas The issue of 2G won’t be a hit.

    some issues like Price rise, power cut, fishermen problems may play reasonable role.

    But, if we take the another side, the alliance in the opposition, the way that (The alliance)was made, their behavior in front of people have to be considered. They are revolving around a very particular issues with Harsh personal attack.

    Since the word CORRUPTION can’t be removed from either side as all the voters are knowing the HISTORY of TN. People may think in this way..

    They can analyze PERSON (Instead of PARTY,Religion, etc), who is actually contesting in their constituency. We can access the CRIMINAL background of those candidates, and cast according to our CONSCIENCE.

  • Bernard Shaw

    I am neutral and do not support to any political party. For a good nation, their citizen should be sincere, strong,patriotic, healthy, optimistic, cultured, united, straight forward, hardworking,intelligent to understand the things what is going on around them. In a democracy there should be sincere strong central Government, creative intelligent parliamentary members. freedom of speech, Law and order, freedom of Law machinery like court,strong military,Strong police, sincere strong State Government, sincere creative, intelligent MLAs. If the above possessed by any nation it will be a strong country. The constitution should protect all sorts of people belong to any other religion, caste and creed. Courts,Military, Police, CBI, CID etc. should function independently and all the culprits should be brought under the law and punished severely. No intervention or influence in them either politically or corruption by any means.

    Now in India, it is just opposite what is stated above. So, people should throw away the present Government at center and state Government in Tamil nadu. Because both center and state have become very weak, corruptive, selfish, non patriotic, speaking only lies, deceiving people by lies like saying that the nation is growing, flourishing, developing, etc.etc.in public meetings.

    People of India should understand the real meaning of what politicians are saying. In reality, the politicians irrespective of any party are only growing, flourishing, developing etc.etc. Here in India politics have become a good business without any investment. Almost all politicians have become like kings or emperors in their segments like seen once in pre-independence India.

    Free TV sets distributed by DMK Government itself destroy them because all the channels are exposing 2 G spectrum except their Family TVs. So I hope people at villages are very intelligent and clear in understanding what is happening around them.
    Village people have astonished that how many zeros are there in Rs.1,76,000 lakh crores.

    No party has a good history. So it is the right time for the people to change the present Governments at least as a punishment or a blow to the present runners of both Central and state Governments. Then only present Governments culprits will be booked as per law. But our present Governments will distract common people by saying that there have been so many issues and crimes before their formation of Governments.

    So, for Election 2011, people should be clear, smart,calculative, fore thinking, in casting their votes only with a motive to throw away present Governments both at Central and State to save democracy.

  • kmnalinishree

    Dear voters,

    Please bear in mind the movement of anna hazare before you excercise your vote. No lok pal is required if the voters are fit enough to use the present arm given to them If the voters in tn will oust the corrupt regime at this juncture it will give a boost to the great efforts of anna. The movement to be launched by the tamils will spread to other parts of India and bring a revolution to clean the tainted one lakh politicians. We must work hard to punish the beneficiaries of various scams and recover the illgotten assets and money and bring them to streets in a short span of time by establishing fast track courts.They must suffer like poor people till their death. Voting in this present election is another silent satyagragha momovement. Guilty people should be brought to book.There cannot be different set laws for ordinary people and tainted political rowdies.The way we handle them must give those tainted rowdies nightmare that they shall not think about contesting elections in future. Jai hind.

  • And

    DMK-INC alliance will surely win the elections. the opposite front will surely lose. The admk leader does not have any right to rule our state. In her previous rule, think of her attitude, disturbing acts and laws, and her dictatorship rule against the people of tamil nadu. This time, another actor has joined her alliance, with his drunkard speech during campaign, which has put them to further lower state. Kalaignar have the thirst to help the poor and all kinds of people. Opposite leader only have the thirst to do tit for tat for the karunanidhis family and not serving the people.Surely Dmk will win this election

  • S. Tamil Arasu

    Voters brothers and sisters,

    Be bold, deliberate in casting your votes. Throw away any corruption Government irrespective of party. Don’t admire, hypnotized by the politician’s sweet speech. See deep how the politicians are luring us by their external show and understand what they really are. Educate your near and dear how our politicians are deceiving innocent people just to get votes. After getting votes they behave like emperors, princes and royal family.

    Throw away lying ,acting, pretending, just speaking sweetly, corruptive , looting, insincere, dirty politicians out of political life.

  • mohamad asik lai

    election comision mailing address pls

  • hari

    ADMK alliance will win this election.

  • jegathesan


  • eva

    When DMK is in power, we can live in peace. Everyone is corrupt in one way or other. So why we judge. I strongly sense DMK will win.

  • vidhyacharanyan

    i dont know how many zeros for one lakh seventy three thousand crores.dmk is going to pay for 2g scaaaaaaaaam

  • vinoth

    1)Corruption. 2)Providing money to public for vote. 3) Candidates with criminal back ground.4) submitting false income/property details.
    If its prooven that a candidate is providing money for the public for vote (directly / indirectly) he and the party should be banned from contesting in that constituency for 2 consecutive elections.
    A candidate with the criminal background must be banned for life time in contesting in the election. Even his/her wife/husband should not be allowed.
    Its seen that the CM and Ex CM has provided that they have a only 50 crore worth assets, where as even a kid knows that they own more than 20 times of what they have shown. Such applications should be rejected.
    The movement of an MLA from one party to another should be banned untill his period as MLA expires and he should remain as MLA in the same party. If he voluntarily resigns he should not contest in the Bi Election.

  • iam sure aiadmk will win.i belive the 2g spectrum and the the chargesheet is enough to prove that the party will lose badly eventhough there is rural support.

  • Although it is Tamil Nadu Assembly Arena the reality depicts the whole scenario of our country, in Yahoo Answers my answer has been taken as best answer,

    Which country will be no.1 in next 15 yrs. ?
    after 2nd worldwar, USA has been no.1 country in all over the world..
    do u ppl think that it will also be the no.1 in next 15 yrs i.e. till 2025 ? as India and china have largest growing economy in the world ( india has 9% economy growth rate and china has 13%) while USA only has 2.5 %. america has suffering from its worst era. recetion has wiped out ppls jobs. condition is very bad there.
    in India, business, many companies are established since 5 yrs. ago and now its not less than USA. marketing is on the top here. many foreign companies invest here.
    in education, now india having the most colleges and universities in the world. before 10 yrs. there were very few engineering and medical colleges in the country in comparison to the USA, but now the condition has changed. a large no. of foreign students come here for education and medical also.. the reason maybe getting high quality facilities in low rates..
    I think , we’ll stand along USA and china in next few years. wat do u ppl think . give reason in ur answer.

    Best Answer – Chosen by Asker
    Of course, India will be No.1 in next 15 years. After 15 years India will be,

    1. Number one in corruption
    2. All the politicians will be No.1 in deceiving people.
    3. Number 1 making poor further poor
    4. Number 1 making rich further richer
    5. Number one in having dirty politics
    6 No.1 Dirty people will come to politics,
    7 Be number one in insincerity.
    8 Be number one in non -patriotic
    9 Number one in looting national assets by dirty politicians
    10 Number one in lying
    11 Number one in making fools their citizens by all the Governments.
    12 Number one in inefficiency to solve border problems
    13 Number one in inefficiency to solve international problems
    14 Number one in forming bad roads
    15 Number one in solving poverty of the countrymen
    16 Number one in total inefficiency in administration
    17 Number one in making the whole environment dirty, unhealthy
    18 And so many number one.

    The above will definitely occur. Because people have lost their faith in Governments , politicians, law and order, even courts are not functioning freely. All are politics.
    For everything , is looked politically. People have lost faith in sincerity. There is no party is sincere.
    No political leader sincere. No Good man lead the country. The future of India is very grim.

    I think Japan will raise No.1 in the world. Because the people are very sincere, hard working, very patriotic, very intelligent and responsible. Theft and crimes rates are comparatively very low. They will win natural calamities and erupt as a good nation. God will give them all the good things because of their sincerity and hardworking.

  • Karunanidhi is corrupt to the core why people are still belive this yellow towel he should feel ashamed of doing corruption and lloting tax payers money for his personal and family bdenifit our people should throw him out in arabian sea he is a typical hooliganist of tamil nadu politics even you can compare him to adolf hitler as he wants to finish the brahamins in tamil nadu


  • Seshan(YIE)

    hi friends i would lik to ask something to all. we are looking all the corruptions and frauds. why we shouldn’t participate in this politics . lets think for one min then decide . talking about others easy but acting as active man is not possible . we have to join together in upcoming elections as a youngsters will you all work for it without a single rupee investment can we means join with us in youthIndiaempowerment in Facebook . i hope you all wil join with us

  • amruta

    hi guys
    i think many of you are in a big sadness that AIADMK won
    it doesn’t matter they are more better that DMK. i am sure that all of you know about the corruption taken place more than 400 crores of money. be happy

  • Gostei muito, mas onde poderei buscar mais informações a respeito ?

  • varadharajan

    After finishing first year of AIADMK rule in Tamil Nadu many freebies are given to people, who can get it? No Mixi, Fan, Grinder to all type of Ration card holders. Are the white card holders are not living in Tamil Nadu? The laptops are not given to all types of college, schools, and polytechnics. Only selected organisations are get the laptops to distribute to their students. Is other organisations are not registered or not under Tamil Nadu rule? The scholarships are also like this form! Who can change this situation!